16 de junio de 2017

Palomazos S1E67 - The Use of Tech and Science in Storytelling

¡Nuestro episodio especial en Inglés! 

How can an technological element affect a story?Is science the real force behind science fiction? To talk about this topic is that we have special guests Tom Merrit (Host of DTNS, Sword & Laser, Cordkillers) and Blanca López (PhD, researcher and teacher in visual communication, graphic design and storytelling) who will join me on this episode to comment on how it is done in some of the most interesting works in recent times. We will be talking about The Martian, Arrival, The Three-Body Problem and of course, Pilot X with the author himself: Tom Merrit.

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3 comentarios :

Unknown dijo...

I heard the plot of the book and it's very interesting, I want a copy of the book please!

Niteboy dijo...

I'd really love to have a copy of pilot X seems like a very interesting concept... Time travel and moral controversies...

Dan Campos dijo...

And we have the winners!