18 de marzo de 2019

Palomazos S1E102 - Gaming Narratives

Storytelling is not limited to traditional formats like the printed page or the movie theaters. If you offer a piece of entertainment you have to compete with everybody and this forces authors to create more compelling narratives.

To discuss how this has evolved on the gaming environment we are honored to talk with Patrick Beja, creator of Pixels, co-host of MVGB, video game connoisseur, and also a very cool content creator.

Oh, how far have we come from the times where we were only worried about fighting gorillas and saving princesses.

Live streaming will begin at 6 AM (Mexico City) 2:00 PM (Finland Time) of this Tuesday, March 19th. Live Streaming available at YouTube,Facebook y Periscope.


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Este episodio es traído a todos ustedes gracias al apoyo invaluable de:

Productora Ejecutiva: Blanca López
Productor Ejecutivo: Mauricio González
Productor Ejecutivo: Luis Fernando Gallardo

Co-Productor: Jaime Rosales
Co-Productor: Román Rangel
Co-Productor: Titus Bondi
Co-Productor: Juan Espíritu

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