29 de junio de 2008

My life in cards

Para la versión traducida al español (inperfecto) de este post, acudir a este enlace. Yo simplemente escribo como se me ocurren las cosas.

A new dawn arises and I have decided to decipher the meaning of time with a deck of cards. As meaningful or meaningless as the reader wish them to be, I take the deck and think about the images....

There are some images I need to complete my own reality.

The first card tells me about my present and immediate future. Ten pentacles mark the beginning of something that will end not with my death, but far beyond. Luck is coming and it won't only affect me at this moment, but actually pass on my descendants. The ten means not only perfection, but something that shall continue, something that will transcend.

I wonder... people usually call material possessions as gifts, however, for me the best thing to have and to pass to others is knowledge. The best gift but it can also be the worst curse of all. Something to think about... My deepest fear is to be forgotten... this card may erase this fear. Maybe my words can transcend time.

The second card tells me about my past. This I already know, however new meanings might arise and a different perspective is always welcome. I take the card and I see a broken heart pierced by three swords.

I like the number. One is indivisible, pure. Two is a mirror image with opposites. Twin ideas. Twin emotions. However, when you got two, you can create a third. Two corners can get a third to form a triangle.

However... in this case we have three swords. Control can be established with one sword and so is peace. Two swords can draw a war and after that, peace can be restored in balance but when the third sword arrives....

Ah, the dreaded three of swords. Three swords pierce a heart. Against the background of a storm, it bleeds.

The peace established couldn't last. Cutting ideas were created and they made a heart bleed in pain. Information was misplaced and misunderstood. Wrong ideas got into our heads. Hurtful words were exchanged.

Luckly, the poison in the thoughts and words have been bottled up. Now the cutting truth comes. No more waiting, obsessing, wondering, worrying. Either blood or poison can drip out and we can continue our lives. Now we know how things stand and we can act on that, instead of on false beliefs and misconceptions.

If somebody told me this on June 21st, I wouldn't believe it.... Interesting how things evolve. Reality became part of a fiction I choose to read some days later and then, the difference between parallel reigns starts to fade.

The third card tells me about my future. It's a pure element. Fire. Ace. Wand. Aces are the root force. They are the spark. There is no purpose yet in this card, but it is filled with raw potential, energy ready to be used by the one who can yield it.

Change is coming. A new spark of energy for a new passion. I have discovered a new philosophy and I am taking a new course. I can feel the heat of what's coming... and I want more.

I take the wand and start walking, lightening my way into whatever might come...

A fourth card comes to bring some light about a person I foresee on my future. Unfortunately it ain't the kind of card I'd like to asociate with her.

The representation of a person sitting under a tree with three cups is in front of me. The man is offered a fourth by a hand from the outside. The relationship, once so fresh and exciting, is no longer moving or changing or growing, and the person, depressed and restless, begins to wonder if the grass might not be greener elsewere.

The card is a warning. Stop looking for ways to scape, to overindulge, and look instead, for ways to change.

Finaly, a last card is representign me. Not about my future, but about myself.

On the bleak landscape where the tower stood, the fool sits, empty, despairing. He hoped to find himself on his spiritual journey, but now he feels he's lost everything, even himself. Sitting on the cold stones, he gazes up at the night sky wondering what's left. And that is when he notices a beautiful girl with two water urns...

There is hope. A star can lead to a new future. I can take a breath and rise. It might be a dark knight on a desolate land, but I have a guiding light to show me the way. Distant it is, but it heals the heart and restores my faith.

This card is about clarity of vision. Hope and healing. Spiritual insight. Unexpected help, with water to quench my thirst, with a guiding light to the future. It is the most beautiful card. It is a soft card and its vision is for tomorrow, not today, but is a way for me to find my future.  

A wand on my hand, ten pentacles on my chest, three swords on my past, four coups to take away and a star on my sight is what I have on my mind and on my cards.

Cards are instruments to decipher time and thoughts. They express the meaning that we are wishing to know. They have no power beyond the one we decide them to have.

However... sometimes we need images to complete our own reality.

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blackeagle-italiano dijo...

Si, las tarjetas o imagenes pueden decir varias cosas, como en este caso que rodea presente, pasado y futuro!! Además estan muy atractivas, lucen bien y me gusta ese estilo medieval. Me gusto eso de "energia por una nueva pasión", solo significa que se esta creciendo y renovando, todos debemos ir por ese camino!!

Saludos bro.

Dacrux dijo...

leerlo traducido por google es la pura pinche neta del planeta me cae de madre hahahahaha Dave McKean es la pura pinche onda que seria de sandman sis sus portadas bueno seria una chingoneria hahaha pero no la misma y este tarot por el es la recontrachingada onda

isaurapdeve dijo...

Estooo, la respuesta va en ingrés o en espanich? güeno, güeno...
I find Tarot as a wide path to inner wisdom coming out from your soul, your inner self or subconcious (as you wish to call it).
Regarding the the 1st card, when u talk ´bout gifts and it´s meaning in readings, you´re right to think that we all relate them with money and ain´t necessary that the right answer, but also is the fact that pentacles are specially linked with material wealth.
And well, I´d be totally excited because of the reading! seems like you´re starting a new productive and passionate time (beware of pregnancy.. hahahahaha!!!)
I feel happy for you =)

isaurapdeve dijo...

btw.. any 01800 for readings?hahahaha

Unknown dijo...

Este es mi comentario:

"As meaningful or meaningless as
the reader wish them to be..."

saludos Sensei, y si, gracias por el conocimiento...

Unknown dijo...

you are just on time for fire!

Miss B. dijo...

Me niego a leer esa traducción en inglés imperfecto... Necesito traducción simultánea del autor

Miss B. dijo...

corrección: español imperfecto

Eddney Todd dijo...

Ahora si me quedé no supe qué onda con este post? A poco crees en las cartas? Ja.

Oye, mi top 5, lamento decirlo, se queda igual que en el mes anterior.

Dan Campos dijo...

¡Blackeagle! Je, je, a mi en lo personal me encanta el diseño del Tarot de Dave McKean. A algunos se les hace medio extraño pero a mi me encanta. Y si, el significado de la última carta es bueno... o eso parece.

¡Dacrux! Je, je, por algo google es dios. Y si, Dave McKean rulea cañon. El único pero en una de sus obras que he visto ha sido en Arkham Assylum, y es que al leer el guión original de Grant Morrison ves que McKean no sabia como meter tantas ideas por página. Cosa extraña, por que usualmente es buenisimo en sus ilustraciones.

¡Isaura! Ja, ja, dejela como quiera. No me espantes con eso de la descendencia, porque solo podría provenir si me mojan y me reproduzco como gremlin. Ya veremos luego como evoluciona esta narrativa. ;D Y creo que luego dejare mi centro de asistencia electrónica para consultas... preguntale a Blanche como funciona, je, je.

¡Linda! Je, je, a final de cuentas una interpretación puede tener más peso que un mensaje emitido. Y no me espantes tampoco... ¿me van a quemar en la hoguera? :p

¡Blanche! ¿Inglés o español? Ademas ni se haga, le tocan a auste exclusivas. ;D

¡Eddney! Todo se puede usar con fines narrativos. Sobre lo del Top, gracias por la info. Creo que ahorita me tardare en hacerlo. Ando en etapa de mudanzas y transiciones, tons no se como vaya a estar de tiempos. Esta y la siguiente semana son criticas.

Por cierto... para los que supieron leer, este post fue una especie de despedida (medio criptica, pero asi me encanta escribir). En una chance publico el epílogo y me alejaré por un rato del changarro.

¡Saludos a todos!