7 de julio de 2017

Jam Sessions S1E69 - Fantastic Alternative History

Our second episode in English! And now we are honoured to have a man of science who knows how to mix fantastical elements with our reality to create amazing stories: Ian Tregillis.

Join Ian, Blanca and me to discuss how can you combine elements that are not commonly found together, also we are going to pick his brain to learn how he has been able to travel to alternative universes, since his books have a real grasp of such realities, as shown on The Milkweed Triptych or The Alchemy Wars.

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Executive Producer: Blanca López

Co-Producer: Jaime Rosales
Co-Producer: Román Rangel
Co-Producter: Titus Bondi. 

Special thanks to our Patreons: Álvaro VázquezDaniel Krauze,  Fernando TeodoroEdith SánchezAlejandro Alemán y Juan Espíritu.

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Update: We already have the winners: Edith and Blanca/Antonio.  Hope you enjoy your books, guys!  Remember to claim them.

3 comentarios :

Marcela Salgado dijo...

My favorite quote form Goodreads was this:

“Freedom felt like… nothing. Free Will was a vacuum, a negative space. It was the absence of coercion, the absence of compulsion, the absence of agony.” 
― Ian Tregillis, The Mechanical

Greetings, great show.

Dan Campos dijo...

Y tenemos a la primera ganadora...

Aunque hicieron trampa, usaron la frase que dije yo en el programa. :p

Dan Campos dijo...

Y... por lo que veo, ya fueron todos los ganadores.

Estén al pendiente de futuras entregas para participar. :D